The stakes are high...fraudulent traffic isn't acceptable NOR should you accept fraud as the "cost of doing business".

chartAdvertisers need a partner who can help identify fraudulent traffic BEFORE  dollars are  spent.  Audience Forensics keeps advertisers better informed about the vulnerabilities in the current business models, advertising spend and overall ROI of programs/campaings being run which ultimately ensures very real investments are protected.

Through stringent standards, the Audience Forensics team diligently investigates and innovates to protect your ad spend.  The bad guys are getting better everyday in how they innovate to deliver fraudulent traffic, you need Audience Forensics doing the same on your behalf.  Online advertising has passed print and will soon outpace TV yet without a partner who can point you provide insight and evidence of where NOT to spend money, you’re buying into the notion that all traffic is good traffic.  That’s simply not true.

It’s an incredibly lucrative business for the perpetrators of this fraudulent traffic and the sophistication in their approaches continue to evolve and become more challenging to detect.  Audience Forensics exists to evolve and stay up to date with these changing approaches so that we can ensure you the highest overall return on ad spend.